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Our Background

High Point Inspections LLC. was founded over 20 years ago and is your one-stop solution for home testing services in Illinois. We believe that together, the customer and our service is the nucleus of success for this corporation. We honor the importance of our customer’s full understanding throughout the inspection process, and believe it to be our responsibility to explain each finding in clear detail. Whether you’re selling your home or thinking of buying, we’ll have you feeling confident in your investment.

Our company believes in being leaders, not followers, in the industry. Therefore, our inspectors and the corporation are state certified. Our highly trained inspectors also follow the strict standards set by the American Home Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). For insurance coverage, we are one of the few companies that requires our inspectors to carry Errors and Omission Insurance.
High Point Inspections LLC. has been providing a one-stop testing solution to buyers, realtors, insurances, banks, and lawyers for many years. We will continue to offer solutions by consistently providing a professional atmosphere, quality service, customer satisfaction, and reliable results.
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